The Mentoring Council is a virtual association for mentoring program leaders and enthusiasts. Membership allows you to learn how others are using mentoring to develop their people and drive key business strategies, including talent development initiatives, diversity and inclusion programs and more.

Additional benefits of joining:

  • Network with peers to discover best practices
  • Find key resources
  • Participate in virtual panels and webinars
  • Mentoring Success BootCamp at a discounted price
  • Receive an e-copy of Why Mentoring Matters by Ann Tardy
  • Discover mentoring technology
  • Explore a wide variety of mentoring solutions

How to Join:

  1. Register: Click on the link in the red box to complete the registration form
  2. Approval Process: The Mentoring Council Committee will review your application
  3. Next Steps: You will receive an email once your application has been approved by the committee
  4. Get Started: Login and start accessing resources, making connections, engage with other participants

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”
Isaac Newton

Info sheet for Mentoring Leaders